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Available Labradoodle Puppies in Atlanta

All of our pet puppies are sold, but we have one Guardianship opportunity right now for Jojo. He is a four-month-old caramel miniature Labradoodle boy with an awesome fleece coat and will end up in the 15-20 lb. range. He is just about finished with the entire vaccine series, and we are looking forward to beginning his health testing in March of 2015. Contact Us if you would like to learn more about our Labradoodle puppy guardian program.

Maple and Tiger had a "date" in late December! We expect to get confirmation of her pregnancy in late January. Yippy yahoo for miniature Labradoodle puppies due in February going home in April! These babies should mature to the 15-25 lb. range and have cream/apricot/red allergy-friendly fleece coats!

Click on an album below to view photos of Jojo.

Just born labradoodle


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