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Davis Doodles Labradoodles is a quality breeder of American and Australian Labradoodle puppies in Atlanta, GA breeding Great Dogs for Great Families™


October 7, 2017

Fall Litters Are Here!

Darling Clover delivered a gorgeous litter of 5 chocolate and 2 caramel Australian Labradoodle puppies in mid-September. She had 4 boys and 3 girls, and we expect them to mature to 35-50 pounds and have lovely, allergy-friendly, fleece coats. These babies will be ready to go home or to Jump Start Puppy Training Camp on November 10. The waiting list is filling up rather quickly so contact us now to reserve your spot.

Sweet Scarlett delivered four miniature Australian Labradoodle puppies on October 2. She had all girls, 1 chocolate and 3 black beauties. These puppies will most likely end up in the 15-25 pound range and have amazing fleece coats also. They will be going home or to Puppy Training Camp in early December. The waiting list is full for these puppies, however, we need an awesome Guardian Home for the girl we plan to add to our breeding program.

Posey has been bred and will be having a litter of standard Australian Labradoodle puppies that should produce varying shades of caramel, from a light cream with a brown nose to a deeper red coat color. We expect these puppies to be born in December, going home in early February 2018.


2018 Labradoodle Puppies

We are looking forward to our first ever litter of chocolate and white parti (along with solid chocolate) puppies with CadyRose and Benji in early 2018. These Labradoodle puppies will be larger mediums (40-50 pounds) and will hopefully be going home in late February or early March.

Other tentative litters in 2018 include miniature Australian Labradoodle puppies with Clementine (aka Tiny), larger miniature puppies with Jazzy, and medium and small standard puppies with Olive and Buttercup!

We are accepting applications and deposits on all of our upcoming litters. Email us for more information.



Keep up with all of our Labradoodle puppies at the Davis Doodles Labradoodles page on Facebook!

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